Boutique Fitness At Home

I am a huge fan of boutique fitness classes. Intrigued by the thought of getting a boutique fitness studio-quality workout at home, I scoured the web for three top choices. My list of the top at home boutique fitness workouts is below: Tracy Anderson Method If you are a fan of actress Tracee Ellis Ross, […] Read More

No Gym, No Problem!

Remember when getting your exercise was as easy as meeting Suzy on the monkey bars at recess? As I have gotten older it seems as though exercise has gotten more complicated, more specific and, definitely, more expensive. While I am a huge fan of the boutique studio workout, this summer I have ventured back in […] Read More

Exercise: The Cellular ‘Fountain of Youth’

Originally By: HealthDay News High-intensity exercise may help older adults reverse certain aspects of the “cellular” aging process, a new study suggests. It’s no secret that regular exercise is healthy for young and old alike. But researchers said the new findings point to particular benefits from “high-intensity interval training” for older adults. That’s the type of […] Read More