The Benefits Of Foam Rolling

Whether you are new to working out or have had a dedicated practice for years, sometimes fitting in time to exercise can be challenging. Finding time for recovery on top of that can be almost impossible. Enter the foam roller. For those wondering what those firm colourful logs in the corner of the gym are, […] Read More

No Gym, No Problem!

Remember when getting your exercise was as easy as meeting Suzy on the monkey bars at recess? As I have gotten older it seems as though exercise has gotten more complicated, more specific and, definitely, more expensive. While I am a huge fan of the boutique studio workout, this summer I have ventured back in […] Read More

Exercise: The Cellular ‘Fountain of Youth’

Originally By: HealthDay News High-intensity exercise may help older adults reverse certain aspects of the “cellular” aging process, a new study suggests. It’s no secret that regular exercise is healthy for young and old alike. But researchers said the new findings point to particular benefits from “high-intensity interval training” for older adults. That’s the type of […] Read More