Dressing Your Apple Shape

Dressing Your Apple Shape Apple shapes tend to carry weight around their middle. If this describes your body type, you are probably well proportioned with narrow hips, an undefined waistline, and a wide back. Apples tend to have relatively slim limbs with particularly great legs. Celebrities with a similar shape include Jennifer Hudson, Catherine Zeta […] Read More

Super Foods

Super Foods The Super Bowl on February 3rd is a prime event to crash your diet. Think about it: the plethora of junk food is unmatched to any other celebratory day. Chips and dip, cheese and crackers, plates of wings and pizza, and not to mention the mounds of candy. It’s nearly unavoidable. Regardless of […] Read More

The Right Attitude for Fitness

The Right Attitude for Fitness: Believe it or not, losing weight is primarily a state of mind. Sure, it involves a lot of physical activity and consumption of food in moderation, but in order to discipline yourself and get started, you have to be in the right mindset. It can actually be quite simple to […] Read More

7 Diet Saving Sweets

They say diamond’s are a girl’s best friend, but we’d put our money on the real best friend being chocolate. It comforts you when you’re sad, it’s an extra delight when you’re happy and it’s readily available at numerous stores and restaurants. But when you’re trying to diet, your once closest companion turns into enemy […] Read More

Show off your Body Shape

If you carry the majority of your weight around your hips, your body type is typically referred to as pear shaped. If this is your body type, you probably have slim arms, well defined shoulders and a trim torso. Celebrities with a similar shape include Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Celebrate your super […] Read More

The Facts About Food Nutrition Labels

We have all become chronic food nutrition label readers. The chart found on most foods on grocery store shelves contains valuable information, but do you really understand what the values mean? Most grocery shoppers will say that sticking to the outer isles of the store is the healthiest alternative, however nutritious foods such as canned […] Read More