Do you have what it takes to be a Leader?

Last weekend I attended the first Harvard Career Advancement and Leadership Skills for Women in Healthcare conference. It was without a doubt a rousing success. I have never before been in the company of so many dynamic, intelligent, caring and forward thinking individuals. Each speaker was unique and contributed insights that I had not been […] Read More

Health Tip for the Day- Is Breast Cancer Overdiagnosed?

Breast Cancer Overdiagnosis: A New Estimate in NEJM By Nick Mulcahy  Medscape Radiology October 12, 2016 The overdiagnosis of breast cancer via mammography screening is “larger than is generally recognized,” conclude the authors of a new analysis online October 12published  in the New England Journal of Medicine. An overdiagnosis of breast cancer refers to a tumor detected […] Read More

Giving Thanks

The gratitude exercise is one of my favourites.  Expressing gratitude boosts optimism and a positive outlook.  Each morning or night I write down at least 3 different things that I am grateful for. Autumn is my favourite season and I am thankful for the extended warm weather we had this year. I am very thankful to spend tomorrow with […] Read More