Social Implications for Osteoporosis Related Fractures is dedicated to helping women educate themselves around important health issues. We would like to share this osteoporosis guide created specifically for women. We’ve put together this ebook to help women of all ages understand the various aspects of osteoporosis management, including preventative measures, diagnosis and treatment options. Osteoporosis can also affect men, but […] Read More

Best Post Workout Meals

Just like carbo-loading and eating high protein before a workout, the post-workout meal is important as well. After you have spent your time and energy getting fit, wait 30 minutes before your nutrition boost meal. It is important not to eat too much, but rather to have a well-balanced snack that will replenish what your […] Read More

Motivating Tips to Stay Fit

Staying Motivated From endless exercise possibilities and a laundry list of diets, you chose the routine that worked best for you, but it wasn’t starting that was difficult, it’s staying motivated. During every work out, you envision sitting on a comfortable couch, or eating an entire cake. The desire to stop is a wrenching temptation. […] Read More

How Menopause can Affect Your Body

Menstrual Cycle Changes Many women experience a significant variation in the amount of menstrual flow in the perimenopausal period. There may be periods of heavy flow followed by a sudden decrease. The frequency of periods may f online viagra sales luctuate as well. Eventually, menstruation will cease as a woman transitions into the postmenopausal period. […] Read More

Spring Hair Trends

If you aren’t quite sure which clothing and accessories you’d like to pick up for spring 2012, an easy way to look current in a hurry is by updating your hairstyle. While a quick consult with your favourite hair stylist will ensure you are on the right foot with this season’s hottest looks, most can […] Read More