Motivating Tips to Stay Fit

Staying Motivated
From endless exercise possibilities and a laundry list of diets, you chose the routine that worked best for you, but it wasn’t starting that was difficult, it’s staying motivated. During every work out, you envision sitting on a comfortable couch, or eating an entire cake. The desire to stop is a wrenching temptation. So, how do you keep your focus and remain motivated to reach your ultimate fitness goal and then keep to your new situation? Follow these five motivation tips and getting through a workout will no longer be a problem:

1 Time of Day-
If working out after dinner makes you hesitant to exercise all day, switch to the morning. Or perhaps after lunch when you’re rejuvenated. Choose a time that you have energy to release and capitalize on it.
2 A Buddy-
Humans like support and getting a buddy is how to involve this aspect into your exercising. If you find someone else to exercise with, you’ll be more likely to stay on schedule with them at your side.
3 Rewards-
Give yourself a treat (doesn’t have to be food, perhaps your favorite tv show!) after you work out, that way it provides you with something to look forward to at the end of your session and you’ll work harder to reach it.
4 Small Intervals-
Going into an exercise with the thought of how long and hard it will be only creates doubt. Don’t think about the hour long schedule of exercises you have planned, take it one small and short activity at a time.
5 Long Term Goals-
People expect to shed weight after every work out. But, working out won’t give you instant gratification, so instead of expecting results that day, set long term goals you can work towards.

If only one of these tips helps, stick to it and use it during all your exercises to maintain on track. If more than one helps you focus, you can rotate the tricks around for a variety of motivation. However, if none of these tips work, maybe it’s the actually exercises that are too strenuous. Try switching your routine for better results.

By Rachel Horwitz