Making The Birthing Process As Safe As Can Be

The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada provide support for a distinguished educator to visit a Royal College-accredited simulation centre in Canada each year via the John. G. Wade Visiting Professorship in Patient Safety and Simulation-Based Medical Education. This spring, the Steinberg Centre for Simulation and Interactive Learning (SCSIL) was privileged to welcome visiting […] Read More

Better Money Management for Better Health: Building Your Emergency Savings Account

Written By Alana Karran One of the most important aspects of financial health is creating and maintaining personal savings. An emergency fund is designed to help you maintain a normal life when something unexpected happens, like losing your job, auto repairs, or a sudden health issue. According to financial experts, the emergency fund should cover […] Read More

Start Your Day Without Worry and Stress

I have been attending a sales and motivational coaching program for the past 6 weeks and have thoroughly enjoyed the new insights it has brought me regarding managing stress, interacting with people and public speaking. I would like to share in this article a few of the techniques offered that can help in any aspect […] Read More

Better Money Management for Better Health: Finding a Sense of Financial Wellbeing

The term financial health is generally used to describe the state of your personal finances, including your debt to income ratio, general savings, retirement savings and how you manage your money day-to-day. Just like physical health, financial health exists on a continuum, with balance changing over time. Most financial planning programs and tools take a […] Read More