Setting Goals for 2014

Over the years I have found it helpful to review my goals and milestones from the previous year. After reading and researching a number of reliable and credible sources, I have collected a number of useful techniques which not only have helped me to create goals, but also to achieve them. A popular technique known […] Read More

Holiday Dressing

When it comes to holiday dressing, many of us rely on our little black dress and some sparkly accessories. If you are looking to spruce up your holiday party attire, I recommend investing in some separates. Easy to mix and match, separates can take you through the holidays and beyond. Below are some tips for […] Read More

Conditions to Look out for after Menopause:

Osteoporosis: Bone metabolism is a complex topic with many components. Estrogen helps to prevent bone breakdown and promotes bone formation. As a result, decreased estrogen levels can cause reduced bone mass leading to bone fragility and increased risk for fracture. Other factors which increase a woman’s risk for osteoporosis during menopause, include; family history of […] Read More