And the Heat Goes On!

Summer Heat Safety Tips The hot summer weather is here to stay and now is the time to incorporate summer safety tips. The hottest parts of the day are between 10am and 4pm so use caution especially during those times. Whether you are working outside, exercising, or simply enjoying a weekend at the cottage with […] Read More

Summer Fitness and Safety Tips

Water Fitness and Safety Tips 101 Some of the most popular summer activities are done out on the water, whether it is boating, canoeing, kayaking or stand up paddle boarding. While enjoying all water sports it is important to plan ahead and utilize all safety techniques. Here are some tips to making the most of […] Read More

Hot Flash News!

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the first non-hormonal treatment for menopause-associated hot flashes. Menopause-related hot flashes occur in up to 75 percent of women and may persist for five years or longer. Although they are not life-threatening, hot flashes can cause sleep disruption, discomfort and embarassment. The FDA approved Brisdelle for the […] Read More

More Facts on Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Cancer Facts You Should Know: Ovarian cancer forms in ovarian tissues. Most ovarian cancers are either ovarian cancer that begins in the cells on the surface of the ovary ( epithelial carcinomas) or cancer that begins in egg cells (malignant germ cell tumors).  How often does Ovarian Cancer occur?: It is the fifth leading […] Read More

Ovarian Cancer Screening Research

Losing a loved one to cancer is a heartbreaking experience. After reading about Pierce Brosnan’s second loss of his daughter Charlotte to ovarian cancer I received several emails asking for more information. Here is one of the latest articles about screening for Ovarian cancer. Women who are at risk for Ovarian cancer should know about […] Read More