Unorthodox Exercises

Unorthodox Exercises
A clever fitness commercial summarizes the traditional gym experience quite well, “I lift things up and put them down”. But the gym machines or running ten miles a day are not habits for everyone. Gaining a hold on your personalized workout routine begins with deciding what type of exercise you wish to perform. This includes but is not limited to the common strength training and running options so prevalent in the collective consciousness. However, there are slightly unorthodox training programs that are steadily growing popular. Offering participants the aerobic workout with a unique edge, these practices deserve more publicity than they receive. Review the list to find something that suits you:

Zumba- Combines fast-paced music and dance (typically Latin inspired) with the essential requirements for weight loss found in several other exercise outlets. One can practice this alone or more commonly in a group.

Reiki- This Japanese spiritual practice focuses on techniques adapted from Buddhist ideals to relieve stress. Able to be used by anyone, this does not rely on a religious belief but rather the implementation of an internal energy that flows within all of us.

Yoga- A discipline derived from Indian customs drawing on mental, physical and spiritual connections. Likely the most well known of this list, yoga positions not only relax the body but clear the mind while simultaneously exercising muscles.

Pilates- Centralizing its efforts on arms, abs and legs, this muscle control workout will condition your body and build endurance as well as flexibility. The aspect of breathing technique furthers the participant’s ability to complete this challenging discipline.

Kickboxing- Based off Asian martial arts, this can be used for general fitness or self-defense. Although the actions are related to leg exercises as the name suggests, this is a workout for the entire body as well as the mind.

Alternative workout options like these offer universal principles paired with unorthodox muscle motions. Participating in more than one is a common practice as well. Involving yourself in these circles will expose a new outlook to lifestyle, weight management and diet ideals in addition to giving you an expanded network. Keeping fit is easier when you apply yourself to a routine and these non-traditional exercises are a great way to personalize your journey to fitness.