Celebrate Mom

Celebrate Mom!

Another wonderful, stressful year for mothers has gone by filled with temper tantrums, school plays, birthdays, boo-boo’s, graduations and nights where all you want to do is sleep. Our moms have such a profound effect on us that most grown children, let alone young children, don’t even realize.

As Mother’s Day 2013 approaches, take the time to appreciate all that your mother has done for you and thank her in the best way possible: Celebrate her and everything she loves.

Instead of simply running to the store, grabbing a box of chocolates and some flowers, really show your mother what she means to you. Create a day entirely about her from morning to night. She very well might love flowers and chocolate, and if so, purchase the ones she admires the most. A card is great, but give her a thanks that she’ll remember.

Here are a few ideas:

Bring her down memory lane with a family photo album of all your most precious memories.

Cook her a fabulous meal filled with love that reminds her of the special times.

Bake a cake or confection she loves that not only shows how sweet she is, but the wisdom she passed down.

Create a home movie with your children to show her life lessons that have come in handy.

Send her on an extravagant vacation to far off place so that she can continue to explore.

Drop by clean to her house for the day and reconnect over days gone by.

Have the little ones make homemade gifts that help her see what an amazing teacher she is.

For the husbands wondering how to show their appreciation, delve deep inside to remember something special that your wife has long wanted. A romantic beach picnic perhaps, or an old John Hugh’s movie. The personal touch you add to this Mother’s Day will show your attentiveness and reinforce your thanks for all she’s done.

So no matter where your mother is, or who you have in your life, celebrate mom on Mother’s Day and ensure this special occasion is focused on all the good she’s done for you and your family.

By Rachel Horwitz