Getting Ready to Travel? Tips to Avoid Digestive Problems

I have the amazing opportunity to travel to South Georgia, the Falkland Islands and Antarctica for 3 weeks. Like many travelers long plane rides, time changes and an array of strange food and lack of exercise can leave one feeling lethargic and not fit to enjoy the travels. Here are some simple tips to make sure you feel great when traveling to a new country.

Tip 1: Stay hydrated to avoid new stressors on the body and prevent both diarrhea and constipation. Avoid drinking tap water or using ice in any new place, and make sure to stock up on bottled water. Make sure the cap on bottled water is sealed and keep bottled water in your hotel room to always have a supply. If bottled water is not an option, boiling water is another alternative.

Tip 2: Wash hands thoroughly and frequently with soap. Even with questionable water, good sudsing will wash away any germs. Keep antibacterial disinfectant or wipes on hand at all times if you can’t find a sink. Avoid touching your mouth with your hands and it is especially important to always wash hands before eating.

Tip 3: Avoid eating raw foods and make sure meat is cooked thoroughly. Only eat uncooked fruits or vegetables that you can peel yourself. Be wary of dairy as some may be unpasteurized and could lead to a potentially trip ruining stomach bug.

Tip 4: Pack probiotics! They are an easy to transport supplement that contain bacteria that aids in the balance of your digestive system. By simply taking 1 capsule per day you can prevent many digestive system problems and restore your body’s natural flora.

Tip 5: Pack healthy snacks such as dried fruit, granola bars, trail mix and other foods that are high in fibre and store well. High fibre content is very important when traveling to keep you regular and avoid any sudden hunger that may result in fast food or unhealthy choices.

Enjoy your travels by feeling great and being able to enjoy any experience that may come your way!