The Best Tips For Handling “Uh-Oh” Travel Moments

Accidents happen to the best of us and even the most seasoned travelers. No matter where you are traveling, it is important to keep a few simple items packed to help deal with anything that gets thrown at you. Here are a few common accidents that can happen to us, and what to pack to make a temporary fix and keep you enjoying your travels!

It only takes one severe sunburn to cause serious skin damage. However if you scorch your skin, take an ibuprofen to help combat inflammation. Then take white vinegar and dilute one teaspoon into 1 pint of cold water. Apply to a wash cloth and place on affected area for 10 minutes to help soothe skin. Pack aloe-vera cream, and apply to burnt skin multiple times a day to heal and soothe.

Motion Sickness:
Whether you are driving, sailing or in a plane, remember to get fresh air and look towards the horizon whenever possible. Carry ginger candies to suck on or peppermint oil to place under the tongue as easy to pack remedies. Remember that spicy foods, alcohol and caffeine can make motion sickness worse and to stay hydrated with water throughout the day.

Yeast Infection:
Unfortunately as a woman it is something that is hard to avoid when wearing a moist bikini all day. Plan ahead and talk to your doctor about recommended medications you can bring along. Remember to take multiple swim suits on a hot vacation and change into a fresh dry suit every few hours.

The inevitable are bound to happen during a vacation, but by carrying a few natural remedies you are sure to stay ahead of the game. For more travel remedies see your doctor before you leave on vacation!

By Sarah Bamber