Spring Into Fitness

In some parts of the country, the days are getting longer and the weather is feeling warmer, which means spring is coming. We are merely a week away from daylight savings time, and soon you will be venturing out of your stuffy house and into the great outdoors.

While hiking or biking is a terrific outlet during nicer weather, try to find a park that you can enjoy and make it your personal gym.

Here are a few tips for new ways to experience your local park:

Walking or Jogging
Walk the trails or jog. Get a feel of the land and warm up your muscles.

Outdoor Yoga
Organize a group of friends to have an outdoor yoga class, or find a tai chi group in your neighbourhood that convenes outdoors daily.

Steps at a Park
Most parks have some sort of steps on the grounds, so when you find them, try a stepping exercise. Work your calves by simply stepping or try toe lifts.

Bench Arms
Find a bench and use it as a platform for arm exercises. For example, try it as a base for planks, tricep dips, or pushups.

Tree Sits
Instead of wall sits, where you squat to work out your quads and gluts, use a park tree as your backboard.

By using the local park as your gym, you will soon find yourself outside and exercising. The change in environment and fresh air will surely entice you with all the wonderful aspects of spring such as the perfume of blossoming flowers, the aroma of freshly cut grass, and the sweet melody of birds. That’s certainly something you won’t find inside the concrete walls of the town gym.
The best part of exercising outside is the boost in your energy levels.
Believe it or not, after a prolonged series winter storms and bad weather, your body may feel lighter and your mind more relaxed, as a result of being outdoors.


By Rachel Horwitz