Latest Fitness Trends – Summer 2013

Are you tired of the same old workout routines? Try one of these new fitness trends to shake up your exercise regimen.

Fusion Classes: Many new combo classes, including aerial yoga, core fusion barre, and Piloxing are becoming popular, these mixed workouts that include Pilates, boxing, zumba, and water aerobics and are designed to get your body working in ways it otherwise wouldn’t. If you are an avid spinner, you may be missing out training a core muscle group and it would make sense to incorporate a strength component into your routine. Taking a fusion spin class that uses resistance bands or free weights may train a wider group of muscles. How to get started? Try a class that has one of your favorite workouts in name—if you love yoga, try yogalates (yoga + pilates) or perhaps stand up paddleboard yoga (yoga done on a paddleboard). These classes are a great way to jazz up a stale fitness routine and get you working new muscle groups.

Group Personal Training: If you’ve considered personal training too pricey in the past, consider signing up for small-group personal training. The majority of personal trainers are happy to provide their services at deep discounts for teams of two to five, and while one on one personal training sessions can cost up to $100 an hour, small group training rates may be as low as $15. Training with others may also motivate you in ways large group classes or one on one sessions can’t.

Bodyweight Training: No fancy gym equipment is required to achieve a good workout as the human body is a highly efficient exercise machine all on its own. There are a variety of workouts that can be done with limited space and no equipment, and these are easy to tailor to fit your ability. These types of workouts also allow your body to exercise in its natural planes, relieving pressure on joints and reducing risk of injury. Bodyweight training is an alternative to the repetitive stiff motions of weight training as well. While bodyweight workouts have been a pillar of at-home workouts for years, gyms are now incorporating these types of exercises and trainers as well as group fitness classes are integrating bodyweight training into their workouts.

Outdoor Exercising: If you’re the type who hates walking on a treadmill, you’ll love this exercise trend. Outdoor exercises can also help reduce tension, depression, and frustration more than the indoor variety, and can increase your caloric burn by 5% due to varied terrain and wind. More fitness professionals are offering outdoor fitness activities than ever before, from kayaking to hiking to running up bleachers and doing incline pushups on park benches, these outdoor fitness classes are helping people use their local landscape as an outdoor gym.

Dance Workouts: With high energy routines and blasting music, dance workouts are not only fun, they’re an excellent cardiovascular workout—experts estimate that the average Zumba session burns more than 300 calories. In addition, these types of workouts engage your entire body, and ballet and Bollywood dance workouts can target muscles that most traditional workouts miss. If you belong to a gym, see what dance-inspired workouts they have or check the company’s website for a location near you.

Boot Camp Workouts: Based on calisthenics the U.S. Army’s basic training program uses to shape up new recruits, Boot Camp workouts can burn around 600 calories an hour and are growing to be among the most popular workouts of the year. Push ups, squat thrusts, kicks and punches are all part of a Boot Camp workout—these aren’t just hot in gyms, there are hundreds of different DVDs for sale with widely popular boot camp moves. These workouts push you hard, so always remember to scale back the level of intensity to maintain proper form at all times.

Online Deals: With more gyms partnering with Groupon, YouSwoop and Living Social, now is the perfect time to score a great deal for your fitness routine and health. These types of websites offer all sorts of exercises classes at significant discounts, and allow you to try different types of workouts you wouldn’t have ordinarily signed up for. These deals are perfect for class goers who aren’t sure if they want to make a financial commitment to a class they’ve never experienced before. They’re a great way to try something new – check out Groupon, LivingSocial, and YouSwoop for great local fitness deals emailed to you daily.