6 Best Ways To Use Your Very Ripe Fruit!


According to stopwaste.org, its estimate that a family of 4 wastes around $1,500 per year on spoiled or unused produce that has gone bad! For those who spend a lot of time and money selecting fruit (especially expensive organics!) you may benefit from this list of tips. There’s no reason to let any piece of fruit go to waste—it turns out that fruit that’s past its prime (even on the verge of rotting) doesn’t need to be disposed of. Here are our tips for making use of over ripe fruit! You’ll never want to throw out those dark bananas again.

  1. Fruit Ice Cubes

Made too much fruit salad that’s just about to go off? Chuck it in a blender or juicer, then freeze your smoothie or juice in ice cub trays or small plastic bags. These handy fruit cubes are surprisingly versatile, you can put them in cocktails for added flavor, other smoothies you make (a great way to chill them down without watering down flavor), toss into oatmeal as a great water substitute, or flavor your beverages. This works well with one single type of fruit or a variety!

  1. Transform Your Pancakes

Overripe bananas or berries make a fantastic and fruity addition to pancakes—they’re also extremely healthy and a great replacement for added sugar. The riper the better, your bananas can be easily mashed up and added to the batter.

  1. Bread And Beyond

Banana bread is a tried and true favorite, but don’t stop there! You can also try the same technique with peaches, kiwis, mangoes, and many other fruits. Berries are a fantastic addition to breads, and overripe fruits can be blended into a compote and added to your favorite banana bread recipe.

  1. Roasted With Veggies

Mixing roasted fruit with hearty, crunchier vegetables such as Brussels sprouts will result in a delicious sweet and savory combination dish. If you’ve got pears that are too ripe or even grapes that have wrinkled, toss them in the oven. Roasting brings out the natural sweetness and works well with quinoa bowls and other savory dishes.

  1. Blend Away

The quickest solution for overripe fruit is blending it up in a smoothie. The texture will be uniform and the drink will be extra sweet. Strawberries that have softened are an excellent addition, as are bananas. Freeze your batch of dark and spotty bananas (skins removed) in plastic baggies, then break off a chunk and toss it into your smoothie. The end result will be frozen and naturally sweet.

  1. Microwave Them!

For an easy, quick and healthy dessert, cut up your fruits that are about to go off and add them to a glass (microwave safe) bowl along with cinnamon. Three pears and two bananas will cook up in about 5 minutes – the end result? A delicious, pie filling like consistency and 100% natural way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

We encourage you to give these methods a shot! It should help you use up (and enjoy) all of your fruits.