Grown up Grapefruit Diet

Grown up Grapefruit Diet

As you know, fad diets are not a healthy way to lose weight. No carbs, no meat, all quinoa and cucumbers. These popular diets are unreliable at best. The smartest tactic is to eat in moderation and monitor what you consume. There are six super foods to help women stay healthy and lose weight. Luckily they’re varied enough that you won’t feel like you’re eating the same thing for every breakfast, lunch and dinner.

 The Super Foods:

 Low Fat Yogurt

Fatty Fish- like Salmon, Tuna, Trout

Beans (Legumes or Nuts)

Calcium Fortified Milk

Orange Juice

Tomatoes (or Grapefruit, Watermelon)


 A normal day’s worth of meals using these foods could look like this:

 Breakfast– Low-fat yogurt with sliced strawberries and a glass of OJ

Lunch– Lentils salad with tomatoes

Snack– Grapefruit

Dinner– Fatty fish like Salmon with a side salad with cranberries

Dessert– Blueberry milk shake

 A diet heavily reliant upon these foods is high in calcium, antioxidants, omega3 and protein. It is a routine that will help regulate and strengthen a woman’s diet. By getting into the groove of eating healthy and moderate meals, you’ll find yourself to be less hungry and still feeling energized. Of course you can splurge outside of these suggestions, but just be sure you’re eating your treats in moderation. Don’t have a huge slice of cake, but a smaller one with some fruit on the side. It’s really that simple.

 It might seem impossible to stick to a meal plan with these options, but be creative and mix things up so your taste buds are as happy as your waist-line.

By Rachel Horwitz