Gearing up for Fall Fashion

I’m hoping the balmy weather sticks around a bit longer, but thinking about fall fashion is definitely exciting. I’m looking forward to both the change in temperature and the change in my closet. While it is not quite time to tuck away your sandals, here are some tips for transitioning your wardrobe once the temperature starts to dip.

While coloured denim was a staple this summer, you don’t have to part with your pretty pants just yet. Bright colours will stay in fashion for at least the next little while so there will be many opportunities to wear them again. In early fall, pair your bright pants with a crisp white shirt and a neutral blazer (navy works well with most colours). As in summer, coloured denim combines easily with neutrals. In the fall, feel free to experiment with darker neutrals and heavier fabrics. Other options for extending this trend include a light weight v-neck sweater or cardigan. If you passed on coloured denim this summer and are looking to get on board with the trend this fall, I suggest trying an autumnal hue such as rust coloured oranges and yellows, burgundy, or deeper blues and greens.

Ankle jeans are a preppy summer look that transitions easily into fall by simply switching your shoes. When the time is right, there are several great options worth trading in your flat sandals for including loafers, pumps, ballet flats or trendy running shoes. Once the need for socks or stockings is undeniable, however, boyfriend jeans will have to be put away for next year but slim cut ankle jeans can be easily tucked into a pair of boots.

For your summer dresses, a lightweight topper such as a cardigan, denim jacket or blazer will extend its life. Do try to keep up the bare legs as long as possible and start your transition into fall fashion with closed toed shoes then lightweight tights, and finally with boots. A scarf can update any outfit while keeping chilly evenings at bay.

Pair your maxi skirts with a long sleeved tee or chambray shirt instead of a tank top. Trade those flat sandals for ballet flats and you are off to the races.

By Kim England