Exercise By Body Type

Exercise by Body Type:

Exercise is not a one-size fits all investment. However, people treat it this way. They go to the gym and try all the equipment and figure that’s the best workout: one that’s well-rounded and diverse. This isn’t necessarily true. Certain workouts suit different body types while those same workouts for other people may end in a lack of results.

If you review the Diet by Body Type post (http://betterhealthforwomen.com/what-is-your-body-type/) you’ll find there are four types of bodies and four separate healthy diets for them to follow. This remains true with exercise. Find your form below and use the exercises listed as a benchmark for your future workouts:

Pears: Tending to put on weight easily, incorporating a healthy diet is paramount to the Pear. For workouts, focus on exercises that don’t strain your joints (ie- station training). Avoiding injuries you are susceptible to will increase results from the training that keeps you fit.

String Beans: The thin build and frame of a String Bean promotes endurance training. You like to run and participate in exercises that test your stamina. These are good exercises to keep your slim body in shape, but don’t forget to strengthen your muscles.

Eggplants: As your weight is equally distributed around your hips and bust, jogging and leg work are ideal to tone your unique body. You won’t lose your shapely figure, but sculpt it into a healthier form by focusing on your lowers abs and legs during workouts.

Strawberries: Your athletic body builds muscle easily and you can tone yourself equally as well. Plenty of Strawberries will focus solely on toning, but need to remember that cardio vascular exercise is just as healthy.

Going to the gym without a plan or understanding of your body’s needs is a recipe for disaster. By using exercise to your advantage and targeting the specific needs of your body shape, toning your muscles and staying fit is simple. Find a routine that not only works for you, but works for your shape. You’ll lead a happier and healthier exercise life from then on.