Tips for Staying Healthy at the US Open Tennis

The US Open Tennis begins August 27th and many people will be heading to the event to view the top athletes in the sport. Fans face a daunting task of staying healthy while tempted by wonderful smells of delicious, fatty and calorie filled foods! Here are tips to staying healthy while at the US Open.

Breakfast: Before heading to the US Open, have a breakfast that will keep you full. Steel cut oatmeal , omelettes with extra veggies and Greek yogourt are all healthy options high in protein.

Pack Snacks: Snacks are not always permitted on the grounds, however something simple such as an apple, orange or banana are easy to carry. Grab a fruit when you feel like munching on chips or nachos, they contain fewer calories and keep you feeling full longer.

Share: Limiting yourself of something you crave will only make you binge on that item later. Whether it is ice cream, a funnel cake or a salty pretzel, purchase that item and split it among friends for a smaller portion.

Lunch: If a quick lunch at the US Open is the only option, choose burgers without the bun, limit condiments to mustard as they contain few to no calories, and add sliced tomato and lettuce.

Stay Hydrated: Hydration is key, especially when sitting in the sun. Have a bottle of water in hand and make sure to drink it! If you are craving something carbonated, try carbonated water and add a splash of fruit juice for flavour.

Stretch: We all feel stiff after sitting too long. Do simple stretches like raising and lowering shoulders, ankle rotations up and down or stretching legs out long while leaning straight back into seat.

Exercise: Use every break to walk up and down the stairs or walk the grounds. Pace yourself when walking up stairs and try to maintain an even rhythm for optimum success.

Use the athletes you see at the US Open to be inspired and maintain a healthy lifestyle, peak performance takes hours upon hours of dedication!

By Sarah Bamber