Diet Tips for Over 50’s

Diet Tips for Over 50’s

As we age, our diets and routines need to adjust as well. At first we may be resistant and not enjoy the changes, but they aren’t as bad as we make them out to be. In fact, changing your diet to be better suited to your needs is quite easy. There are a few things to cut and a few things to add. Overall it’s as simple as being more mindful of what you’re consuming. And if any younger readers want to get a jump on their health, these tips never hurt anyone!

Sodium, Fat, Oils. It’s not that these things must disappear from your diet, but be aware of the amount of salt on your fries, or saturated fats you consume. Use vegetable or coconut oil instead of olive oil to half your fat. Coconut oil can increase your brain power!

Calcium. Whether its milk, yogurt, or any form of dairy, your body needs the extra boost as you age. Fruits, Vegetables, Whole Grains and Fiber. All of these foods will help your digestive system and keep you regular.

Alcohol Consumption, Coffee Intake. Your regular vices should gradually disappear until you don’t need them at all. They don’t add nutrition to your diet after all.

Exercise Regularly.
This goes without saying, but as you age and weight is harder to manage, staying fit will keep you healthy longer.

See? That isn’t so bad. Eating a little less of the foods that are bad for your system and a bit more of the ones that keep it ticking. With realistic goals set for your fitness health and an eye on the horizon with a better diet in mind, you can stride into your golden years happier and healthier.

By Rachel Horwitz