Cream of the Crop Gourmet Food Stores

Gourmet Food Stores

Sometimes checking out at your local food market is depressing. Admit it. Everything is a well known brand, made who-knows-where and who-knows-when. The price is equally as depressing. There’s likely few, if any, items you purchased with a rich back-story or quality ingredients. Did you know, though, that there are places nearby your home or just a click away for you to shop for gourmet eatables?

Whole Foods:
A supermarket chain in nearly every state (so there’s bound to be one close to you) that sells everything you’d find at a grocery store but high class. With the local ingredients and less processing you are likely to pay more, but one step inside and you’ll be hooked by the array of choices and free samples.
Trader Joes:
This store is slightly more eclectic than is fellow high-brow supermarket Whole Foods. Their choices are regional and national as well as having excellent meat, seafood and cheese sections to rival any farmer’s market. Their green attitude doesn’t hurt either.
Dean and Deluca:
With the flagship in New York City and a bevy of options online, this great all around store offers food, kitchenware and accessories for even the pickiest foodie. If you’re in The City, stop on by, but if not, you can access their site anywhere in the world.
This other New York City institution is like the best General Store you’ll ever visit. Candies, meats, snacks, canned and dried goods, everything you can ever think of and it’s all available online as well.
Straub’s: St. Louis, Missouri boasts this wonderful location known for its incredible meats. The store is a fabulous paradise for any foodie, but like most of its modern colleagues, their primary business is online. Holidays baskets, everyday goods or just the odd slab of roast beef can be procured here.
Formaggio Kitchen:
Stationed in Boston, you can step into a world of cheese in this shop and try something delicious from every corner of the globe. They have cheeses of all shapes and sizes available for shipping anywhere you’d like. If you can’t make it to the store, you’re in luck! They’re online too!

It’s not hard to locate good food online anymore, but these markets are the cream of the crop. If you want something fresh, unique and with a touch of soul, poke around one of these establishments. They’ve got anything you could ever want from a gourmet store.